Services & Solutions

Titanium Energy Services

Titanium Energy Services  supports a full range of Coil Tubing, Electric Coil, Wireline, Nitrogen Purging & Fluid Pumping solutions. Our upstream solutions specialize in tool deployment, data acquisition well intervention projects & water treatment technology.

Nitrogen Purge Leak Detection

Titanium offers nitrogen purging services to replace  hazardous or undesirable atmospheres with an inert gas.  We also provide  nitrogen clean-outs  commonly used to initiate production by removing sand from wells on workovers or overbalanced completion.

Fluid Pumping Pressure Testing

Titanium offer integrated services for pumping fluids or slurry for oil & gas exploration, completion, well servicing & abandonment projects

Energy Efficient Solutions

ETitanium Energy Services is diverse and integrated with innovative technologies for efficient production solutions from Water treatment to Oil & Natural Gas

Coiled Tubing

Titanium offers quality innovative & effective coiled tubing equipment & integrated solutions to optimize oil & gas operations, providing tailored solutions; through pre-job design analysis real time job monitoring & post-job analysis.

E-Coil Tubing

E-Coil provides a reliable safe method of reducing operating cost in horizontal applications with the versatility of conventional wireline and the rigidity of coil tubing.   With the expanding demand for E-Coil and the ever-growing market to provide high quality solutions for horizontal applications, Titanium Energy Services expertise delivers the results the industry requires.


Titanium Wireline Services offer a complete line of cased-hole electric wireline, tubing services and equipment to effectively perform completion, workover and abandonment well servicing operations.  Our wide range of service and expertise expands across  Western Canada with over 100 years of experience.