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Integrated Service Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of letting the experts at Titanium Energy Services develop the Integrated Solutions to solve your work-over project

Titanium Energy Services

Wellbore Clean-Out

Wellbore Sand Cleanout, Foam Cleanout, Nitrified Wellbore & Pipeline Cleanouts, Short & Long Range Cleanouts. Let experts at Titanium Energy Services develop the operational program to minimized pipe cycling & improve production efficiency

Nitrogen Pumping Unit

Tank Vessel N2 Inert Gas Purge

Tanks & Vessels can be flushed with an inert gas to reduce the concentration of oxygen, or flammable Gas so that when the flammable substance is admitted, an ignitable mixture cannot form.

Nitrogen & Fluid Pumping Unit

Facility N2 Inert Gas Purge

During Facility Turnarounds or Plant Shutdowns, Boilers & Piping can be flushed with an inert gas and vented to an ignitable mixture so safe maintenance projects and tasks can be performed.

Jobs Careers Nitrogen Fluid Pumping

Pipeline Pig & Purge

Often during pipeline maintenance or repair it is advisable to clean the and purge the pipeline of any harmful or flammable substances. pumping a PIG to clean the pipe and Purge with Nitrogen (N2) is the recommended practice .

Jobs Careers Nitrogen Fluid Pumping

Pipe Integrity Leak Detection

During pipe fitting & pipeline installation & commissioning, it is a quality requirement to inspect the integrity of the pipe or pipeline. Leak Detection using Nitrogen (N2), an inert gas is a safe and popular method.

Pressure Truck Hauling

Pumping & Pressure Testing

Pumping is a routine operation involving injecting fluids into the well. Pressure Testing or Hydro-static Testing is a way in which fluid is pumped into well control equipment, line pipe, pipelines, boiler or vessels to test the integrity of the equipment.